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09-01 Keynote Address: Ian Tizard, BVMS, PH.D., ACVM
Disease, Death and Extinction: the Significance of Infectious Diseases in the Life of Wild and Captive Birds
09-02 David Waugh, Ph.D.
Nest Boxes in the Wild: Conservation of the Cuban Parakeet
09-03 Sharman Hoppes, DVM
Allergic Alveolitis
09-04 Caroline Efstathion
Structure and Function of the Avian Respiratory System
09-05 Tony Pittman
The Slender-Billed Conure in the Wild and in the Aviary
09-06 Robert R. Gabel, United States Fish & Wildlife Service
Update on U.S. Regulations Pertaining to Import and Export of Birds
09-07 Jean Dubach, Ph.D.
Who's My Daddy? How Genetic Analysis Can Answer Basic Questions
09-08 Sharman Hoppes, DVM
Update on Proventricular Dilatation Disease
09-09 Stewart Metz and Bonnie Zimmerman
Project Abbotti - Conserving the World's Rarest Cockatoo
09-10 Marshall Liger
Practicing Safe Avian Restraint and Basic Grooming
09-11 Mark Sargent
The Blue-headed Pionus Parrot - An Avicultural Perspective
09-12 Dick Schroeder
The Hornbills
09-13 Bill Van Patten
On Walkabout with Mike Fidler -- The Gouldian Finch
09-14 Roger G. Sweeney
Training Solutions in Husbandry Management at Tracy Aviary
09-15 Donald Brightsmith, Ph.D.
Ecology and Conservation of the Blue-headed Pionus Parrot
09-16 Chris Biro
Importance of Flight and the Freeflying Lifestyle
09-17 David Waugh, Ph.D.
Avicultural Challenges and Successes: Highlights of the LPF Psittacine Collection
09-18 Natalie Antinoff, DVM,Diplomate ABVP (Avian)
Avian Reproduction: Breeding and Egg Development
09-19 Rick Jordan
Conures--World's Greatest Pet Bird and Breeder Bird