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Each DVD is approximately 45 minutes in length. 

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All 16 DVDs in the 2013 Collection - $150.00
13-01 Keynote Address: Mark Hagen
13-02 Shawna Augustine
Lineolated Paraketts - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
13-03 Josee Birmingham
Early Parrot Education Program (EPE)
13-04 Dr. Greg Burkett, ABVP (Avian)
Avian First Aid
13-05 Kashmir Csaky
Improving the Dynamic in the Pet Bird Home
13-06 Laurie Degernes, DVM, MPH, Diplomate ABVP (Avian)
Heavy Metal Poisoning in Birds: It Can Happen To Anyone
13-07 Dustin Foote
Lesser Flamingos at Sylvan Heights Bird Park
13-08 John Gerwin
The Carolina Parakeet
13-09 Sharman Hoppes, DVM, Diplomate, ABVP (Avian)
Avian Bornavirus Positive: Now What?
13-10 Ranier Niemann, Ph.D., MSc Biology
The Hormonal Life of Parrots
13-11 Linda S. Rubin
New Nomenclature Affecting the Genetics of Cockatiel Color Mutations
13-12 Robin Shewokis
Extreme Makeover: Aviary Edition
13-13 Emily Trimnal
Keeping Up With Caiques
13-14 Dr. David Waugh
The Latest in Natural and Assisted Reproduction by the Loro Parque Foundation
13-15 Dr. David Waugh
Blue-throated Macaw in Bolivia: Challenges and Risks
13-16 Hilla Niemann, MSc Biology
It's All About Communication