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Each DVD is approximately 45 minutes in length. 

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All 16 DVDs in the 2014 Collection - $150.00
14-01 Keynote Address: Bob Nelson
2014 Keynote Address
14-02 Kateri J. Davis
Introduction to Turacos in Aviculture
14-03 Jason Crean, MA, MS
Zoo-trition - Going Raw in Your Avian Diets
14-04 Patricia Anderson, PhD
The Moral Status of the Quaker Parakeet:
Green Angels or Winged Demons
14-05 Alicia McLaughlin, DVM
Aspergillosis in Birds: The Fungus Among Us
14-06 Chris Shank
Positive Parrot Training Using a Clicker
14-07 Bob Nelson
Quaker Mutations
14-08 Sally Huntington
Handrearing: Hatching to Weaning
14-09 Roland Cristo
Breeding Softbilled Song Birds
14-10 Kateri J. Davis
Introduction to Mousebirds in Aviculture
14-11 Kit Lacy
14-12 Patti Strand
Animals, Public Policy and the Animal Rights Agenda
14-13 Caroline Efstathion, MS
The Role of Disease in Parrot Conservation Efforts
14-14 Katy McElroy
Ten Years with Palm Cockatoos:
Notes on Breeding Management and Pet Quality
14-15 Nyla Copp
Out on a Limb
14-16 Ian Heap, PhD
Birds of the Australian Outback: Tales of a Bird Loving Aussie