We have created a variety of flyers and trifold brochures that you can use to help spread the word about AFA, including topics such as membership benefits, the Fundamentals of Aviculture courses, the award-winning Watchbird journal, and more!

Each flyer or brochure is easily downloadable to your computer in PDF format.

AFA Membership

AFA Membership – Trifold Brochure
Why Join AFA? – Flyer
Specialty Organization Affiliation – Trifold Brochure
AFA History – Flyer
Commercial Membership – Flyer

Fundamentals of Aviculture (FOA)

FOA Introduction – Trifold Brochure
FOA – Flyer
FOA (Vet-specific) – Flyer

AFA Watchbird

AFA Watchbird – Flyer
AFA Watchbird – Trifold Brochure

Exotic Bird Registry Program

Exotic Bird Registry – Flyer
Exotic Bird Registry – Trifold Brochure

AFA Convention Speakers

Convention Speaker – Trifold Brochure

AFA Conservation

Conservation – Flyer