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Last Updated 01/10/2015

WANTED: Male Buffons Macaw. Call Walter at (225)766-8355. [0210]

2014 Black Palm Aterrimus Cockatoo female.  Microchip & health warrantee.     2014 m & f Ophthalmica (Blue-eyed) Cockatoos.  Be near the first to breed these rare cockatoos in the US. Join our USFWS approved Coop. Breeding program to import other cockatoos that are rare in the US.  Permits are not required and birds can be shipped interstate.  Birds Wanted:  Lonely female Hyacinth Macaw needs a male Hyacinth Macaw.  Eclectus hen.  Mary Ellen - N CA   408-373-5494  [0201]

For sale, male hyacinth macaw, female green wing macaw, female rose breasted cockatoo, and female major mitchell cockatoo. these have been my pets for 20 year, and I need a good home for them. price is negotiable for a good home. Stainless steel cages and stands included. Bruce delray beach, florida (561) 212-0703 cell  [1214]