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Last Updated 09/04/2016

Blue-headed macaw Male. $2,700. 6 Pair Ophthalmica(Blue-eyed) cockatoos in great feather. $16,000/pr. 1 pair proven, 5 pairs bonded and copulating. Hatched 2004 - 2007. 1 Pair Golden Conures for California resident only. $2800/pr. 1 proven male Eclectus, mixed subspecies with part Vosmaeri, for breeder. Feather loss. $800. 1 Mature Female pure Vosmaeri Eclectus for pet. Very sweet and handleable. $900. Mary Ellen - Northern California 408-373-5494  [1004] 

Looking to buy male Meyers breeder, male Brownhead breeder, and Senegal hen breeder.  [0625]

Looking to buy Female Goffin Breeder and Male Timneh Breeder. [0612]