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Last Updated 04/02/2016

Three month old weaned male Eclectus, DOH 12/1/15. He is amazingly sweet, loves to fly, play on his parrot stand, & mingle with the other birds. We are in the Bay Area, will gladly ship at buyers expense. We found that Ekkie's travel well. $1200.00 plus California sales tax, if residing in California. Renee or Alan at 408 464-6125 or 408 242-0662 Thanks!  [0502]

BLUE THROATS For Sale: $2795.00 each Kai DOH 6/9/15 Full Flight, lays on his back, will fly to me, to his stand, sweet! Gertie DOH 6/12/15 Ditto Ella DOH 8/23/15 Ditto Keoke DOH 11/8/15 Was parent raised Renee @ 408 464-6125 or Alan at 408 242-0662 Must remain in California due to their critically endangered status, out of Ca, must get a USF&W Permit, which is not so easy to acquire! California sales tax will be added to price of each BTM, thank you!  [0502]

Have 22 year old Blue & Gold, gorgeous feathers, DNA sexed male, loves men, puts up with me! He needs some wonderful man to love him & give him the attention he deserves. Great personality! Perhaps, you're looking for a male for your lonely female, however, Woody has never been set up, he'll figure it out! $1950.00 Plse call Renee 408 464-6125 for inquiries, thanks! :) San Jose, CA  [0502]

Tristen is a 5 year old Eclectus, will step up, talks up a storm, we are retiring & doing some well deserved travelog as we get older. He doesn't like to be petted, but i'm sure someone could get him to that point. Says, "Kitty, kitty, kitty! Meow, rolling his "r's", "I love you", "Such a good good girl, such a good good boy!" "What ya coin?" "Rio"1 That's the B & G next to him. 5 years old $1,000. + Ca. sales tax if Ca. resident. Renee 408 464-6125  [0502]

Hyacinth Macaw, big male, beautiful, full breeding colors, born and raised in closed aviary, 12 years old. Would like to see him in breeding situation. Will ship in some instances. $11,500 Call Bob (907)242-2712  [0502]

Prolific breeding group of lovebirds for sale. All were screened for PBFD, chlamydia and Avian Bornavirus prior to setting up for breeding. 3 Pair masked lovebirds - all color mutations- light blue, white, cobalt, charcoal. 2 Pair Fishers - dilute and pied mutations 8 pair fancy peachface - many colors including lutino, australian cinnamon, dutch blue, blue opaline, creamino and pied. $100 per pair. Total 13 pair- $1200 if you take the group Please email-  [0406] 

CRIMSON-BELLIED CONURE, ONE (1) MALE AND ONE (1) FEMALE, WANTED. Do not have to be tame, DO HAVE TO BE YOUNG 2015 OR 2016 Hatch. Does not matter if they're related. Prefer Cedar Hills bloodlines (Lodi, California).  [0406]