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Last Updated 03/17/2015

Breeders for Sale Selling out due to illness. Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Congo Greys and Sun Conures. Please call David 919-669-7001  [0417]

Hyacinth Macaw Big beautiful 12 yr. old male. Phlorescent blue, full breeding colors. born and raised in our closed aviary. Would like to see him in breeding situation. Will ship in some circumstances. $10,950. Bob 907 242 2712 [0415]

Baby Birds Wanted! 33 year old New York bird store needs more baby parrots. We have excellent reputation for keeping commitments, paying promptly and not sweating the small stuff. We like them half feathered on 3 feeds. AFA member since 1982. or cell 914-329-2700  [0415]

2014 Black Palm Aterrimus Cockatoo female. Microchip and health warrantee included. 2014 unrelated male and female Ophthalmica (Blue-eyed) Cockatoos. Be near the first to breed these rare cockatoos in the US. Joining our USFWS approved Cooperative Breeding program will allow you to import other cockatoos that are rare in the US. Permits are not required and birds can be shipped interstate. Mary Ellen - Northern CA 408-373-5494  [0402]

Avalon Aviary / Susanne Cochran is downsizing to focus more on certain species. I have available Blue & Gold, Green Wing, Red Fronted and Illigers macaws; Mexican Red Head, Double Yellow Head, Blue Front and Yellow Nape amazons; Senegal, Meyers, Brown Head and a Cape Parrot; Maxi Pionus and a Blue Crown Conure. Need a male Great Bill (can trade a female), a female Brown Head, a female Military and a female Severe macaw.  970-663-5004 Colorado [0322]

Selling some extra singles. Female Grand Eclectus. She lays six to eight eggs a year. Beautiful healthy bird. Needs a mate. $600.00. Three male Bare Eyed cockatoos for sale. One proven for me(unsure of age). Two of his parent raised sons(about 4 years old). All healthy, big, beautiful birds. $400.00 each. Located in CT. Email or call Cortney at 860-354-7492.  [0322]