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Last Updated 07/26/2015

McGuire Macaws Accepting Adoption Inquires for our Tamed, Handfed, Socialized Military Macaws James & Iva McGuire FaceBook: McGuire Macaws  [0819]

Wanted: Female Red Vented Blue Bonnet, DNA'd Male red collared lorikeet, Goldie's lorikeets either sex and musk lorikeets either sex.  517-235-6061  [0806]

Parrotlets. All hand fed and raised with our family. Colors are: Blue male, dilute (yellow) pied male, blue pied male. Females: Dilute turquoise pied, Gorgeous Turquoise pied, blue pied. I can put all of these listed babies together as pairs. Available for AFA convention delivery. Contact Monica @ 815-885-2054 or go to:  [0723] 

Blue Quaker parrots proven breeder pair. Last clutch yielded 8 hatchlings in November 2014. Downsizing number of birds. Asking $500 for the pair. Shipping may be possible. Serious inquiries email  [0721]

Major Mitchell's cockatoos. 2015 hatch, parent & hand-reared youngsters available from multiple unrelated pairs. 7500.00/pair. Galah/Rosebreasted cockatoos. 2015 hatch. Hand-reared and parent reared available. 1250.00/each weaned. Wholesale prices available (3 or more) to pet shop and breeders. Enquire for details. Oakhill Avian Center John Aynes Oklahoma City, OK 405-633-1010 [0718]

Mature Buffons and Scarlet Macaws for sale. (225)766-8355 [0713]

Wanted: Buffons macaw breeder male. call (225) 766-8355. [0713]