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Last Updated 04/02/2017

Animal Environments Luxor Macaw Stainless Steel Cage Looking for a new home for this stainless steel cage which has doors on all 4 sides with 4 outside feeders and 2 (used) perches. Great for your bigger birds such as Macaws or Cockatoos Approximate Inside Dimension - H58" x W60" x D44" Height from floor - 73 inches / 183 cm Approximate Weight: 315 lbs Bar Diameter: 1/4" / 6.35 mm Bar Spacing: 1-1/2" / 38.1 mm $3300.00 Chicagoland area [0502]

RAFFLE: Eric Peake signed print. African Gray.  1 ticket $3, 2 for $5, 6 for $10. Please visit our website: Chester County Bird Club to view picture & buy tickets thru PayPal.  [0426]

Mature Blue-headed macaw Male. $2,200. 6 Pairs Ophthalmica (Blue-eyed) cockatoos in great feather. $16,000/pr. Discounts for multiple pairs. 1 pair proven, 5 pairs bonded and copulating. Ophthalmica are extremely productive once they start laying. Hatched 2004 - 2006. 1 proven male Eclectus, mixed subspecies with part Vosmaeri, for breeder. Feather loss on back and breast. $700. Mary Ellen - Northern California 408-373-5494 [0405]