AFA Disaster Relief Program

The AFA Disaster Relief Team is comprised of Regional Directors and others who are located throughout the United States. This expedites response times and notifies local volunteers who are monitoring the weather conditions as need arises in their immediate areas. If you are in a disaster area needing assistance with your birds, or know of anyone in need of help with their birds, call any of those listed on our disaster hotline. Click here and then click on your state to find your closest contact person. They will be listed at the top of the page. You can also find your state and contact person here. You can also contact the Coordinator, Fred Smith, 836-858-6739 or Rick Jordan in the AFA Office at 512-585-9800.

Alabama  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
Alaska  Julie Corwin  206-772-1730
Arizona  Alycia Antheunisse  209-333-2185
Arkansas  Georgia Hayes  281-852-8403
California -North  Mary Lou Chambers  530-527-0891
California - South  Genny Wall  949-859-0861
Colorado  Alycia Antheunisse  209-333-2185
Connecticut  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
Delaware  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
District of Columbia  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
Florida  Fred Smith  863-858-6739
Georgia  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
Hawaii  Mary Lou Chambers  530-527-0891
Idaho  Julie Corwin  206-772-1730
Illinois  Jason Crean  630-336-0197
Indiana  Jason Crean  630-336-0197
Iowa  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Kansas  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Kentucky  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
Louisiana  Georgia Hayes  281-852-8403
Maine  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
Maryland  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
Massachusetts  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
Michigan  Jason Crean  630-336-0197
Minnesota  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Mississippi  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
Missouri  Georgia Hayes  281-852-8403
Montana  Julie Corwin  206-772-1730
Nebraska  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Nevada  Alycia Antheunisse  209-333-2185
New Hampshire  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
New Jersey  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
New Mexico  Alycia Antheunisse  209-333-2185
New York  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
North Carolina  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
North Dakota  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Ohio  Jason Crean  630-336-0197
Oklahoma  Georgia Hayes  281-852-8403
Oregon  Julie Corwin  206-772-1730
Pennsylvania  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
Puerto Rico  Fred Smith  863-858-6739
Rhode Island  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
South Carolina  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
South Dakota  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Tennessee  Dr. Greg Burkett  919-490-3001   
Texas  Georgia Hayes  281-852-8403
Utah  Alycia Antheunisse  209-333-2185
Vermont  Concetta Ferragamo  603-540-6151
Virginia  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
Washington  Julie Corwin  206-772-1730
West Virginia  Eddie Maher  804-385-4435
Wisconsin  Carol Lee  402-679-4223
Wyoming  Alycia Antheunisse  209-333-2185