AFA Watchbird

The AFA Watchbird
Volume XLI Number 3

Cover Image:
Fischer's Turaco (Tauraco fischeri)


Message from the President
Nancy Speed

Remembering Elke Hanna

Remembering Ramon P. Noegel

Breeding Blue-grey Tanagers
Sheryl Coffman

Ears for Lear's - The Lear's Corn Report
Kilma Manso

My new life with birds is fun.
The 2014 AFA Convention Essay Contest Winner
Kaylee Johnson Corwin

Forever Dedicated: Spotlight Article on an AFA Member of 35 Years and Counting
Concetta Ferragamo

Artist Biography: Tony Sanchez

Own a bird? Now What? Train them through behavior, of course
Concetta Ferragamo

COVER STORY: The Fischer's Turaco
Kateri Davis

When Love Hurts - Mate Aggression in Cockatoos
Hilla Niemann, Diplomate-Biologin

Parrots and the Theory of Co-evolution
Tom  Marshall

What to do When a Parrot Escapes
Barbara Heidenreich

News Highlights