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AFA Watchbird

Watchbird Volume 39 Numbers 2&3The AFA Watchbird
Volume XXXIX Numbers 2&3

Cover Image:
Victoria Crowned Pigeons (Goura victoria)

Image by Wayne E. Smyth


Message to the Membership
Nancy Speed

In Memory of Cheryl Ann Durgan

In Memory of Eduard J. Hamilton
Josef Lindholm III

Victoria Crowned Pigeons
Daniel Ray Almaguer

The Many Uses and Benefits of Blended Teas in Aviculture
Jason Crean

2012 Convention Speakers

25 Things to Do in San Antonio

Identify This Chick

COVER STORY: Crowned Pigeons and People
Josef Lindholm III

Hummingbirds at Weltvogel Park Walsrode
Anne Hoppmann

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