AFA Watchbird

Watchbird Volume 40 Number 1The AFA Watchbird
Volume XL Number 1

Cover Image:
St. Lucia Amazon (Amazona versicolor)

Image by Dwight Greenberg


Message from the President
Nancy Speed

In Memory of Lynn Hall

Natural Disaster Strike Hard and Heavy
Concetta Ferragamo

When in Paris, Look for Parrots!
Sue Ferrara, PhD.

Spotlight on Aviculture: Nancy Speed
Concetta Ferragamo

The Parrot of Gold
Sue Ferrara, PhD.

COVER STORY: St. Lucia Amazon
Rick Jordan

Ban Birds in Connecticut? I don't think so!
Concetta Ferragamo

What I Did During One Summer Vacation
Sue Ferrara, PhD.

Introduction to Duane Raver