AFA Watchbird

Watchbird Volume 40 Number 2-3The AFA Watchbird
Volume XL Number 2-3

Cover Image:
Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus)

Image by Shane Hancock


Message from the President
Nancy Speed

You're Not Alone!  Meet Bird Brains Just Like You!
Susan Chamberlain

What's Up with the Blue-fronted Amazon in Argentina?
Tom Marshall

Isabella's Aviary
Trisha Gaddis

A Tribute to Susan Clubb, DVM
Concetta Ferragamo

A Look at the Hagen Aviculture Research Institute
Melanie Allen

Wild, Invasive, Domesticated, or Tame: How to Describe a Bird
Constance Woodman

The Birdman
Michael Graff

Things to do in Raleigh, NC

2013 Convention Speakers

COVER STORY: Preventing Gut Stasis in Hand-fed Palm Cockatoos
Katy McElroy

Hand-Feeding Formulas
Mark Moore

Introduction to Gamini Ratnavira

Living with Lories as Pets
Julie Corwin

Top 10 Genetic Myths in Avian Genetics
Linda S. Rubin

News Highlights