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AFA 2021 ZOOM RECORDINGS from our 2021 Educational Conference

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A link will be emailed to the email address you provide upon purchase. The link will allow you access to the recorded talks that took place at the AFA 2021 Education Conference in Minneapolis/St. Paul, August, 2021. We ask that you understand there will be no refunds due to the non-profit nature of this meeting. Attendees will have a link where they can review or re-watch the conference until December 31st, 2021.

Students can request a free registration by sending an e-mail to

The speaker list includes talks from...

Adrianne Mock I have heard about a bill – what do I do? Navigating the Legislative Maze (While Avoiding the Minefield) In-person
April Blazich Gardening with Birds in Mind In-person
Concetta Ferragamo, MS, CPBC, CASAC-T Addressing Behaviors and Promoting Exercise From Within a Cage or Enclosure. In-person
Debbie Goodrich The critical role Parrots Play Addressing Global Carbon Crisis In-person
Debbie Schweikardt Its Bird Trivia Time AFA style! In-person
Debbie Schweikardt TBA In-person
Dr. Janice Boyd, PhD TBA In-person
Dr. Jason Crean Ed.D TBA Virtual
Dr. Scott Echols, DVM Advanced Imaging in Avian Medicine Virtual
Drs. Donald Brightsmith & Gabriela Vigo-Trauco, PhDs The Macaw Society: past research and a new beginning for parrot conservation. Virtual
Elise Franchi Give Your Birds a Glow Up! In-person
Hila Neiman Parrots Do we really understand how smart they are? Virtual
Jack Pine TBA In-person
Jamie Whittaker The Path From Rescue to New Home. In-person
Jennifer Cunha Tablet Communication and Games for Birds Virtual
Karen Anderson Don’t Be Roadkill on the Parrot Information Superhighway In-person
Karen Holmes Genomic Analysis of Introgression and Pedigree Data of the Endangered Red Siskin (Spinus cucullatus) Virtual
Lewis (Buddy) Waskey How proposed USDA inspections will affect Pet Owners, Rescues Sanctuaries, Pet Stores and Breeders In-person
Lewis (Buddy) Waskey, Amanda Hoffman and Kim Hatch The Status of the Blue-throated Macaw, Ara glaucogularis, in both Bolivia and Aviculture. In-person
Mark Moore Shipping: As easy as they make it In-person
Mindy Patterson TBA Virtual
Rainer Neiman The Food Intake of Parrots and Parakeets Virtual
Rick Jordan Pstticine incubation and neonatal care Virtual
Robin Shewokis 1-100 It’s All the Same Program – Enrichment planning for sized flocks In-person
Robin Shewokis and Jack Pine Workshop – Let’s Make a Sandwich! – How Approximations Make Life Easier In-person
Taylor Haines Using genomics to create sustainable populations for aviculture: Case study of the Blue-headed Macaw In-person
Tom Marshall TBA In-person
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