Pliers/applicators for AFA Open Stainless Steel Bands

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AFA Open Stainless Steel Band Pliers

Special band applicator pliers are required to properly apply and close the band. AFA offers this tool for $45.00 per size pliers needed (each size band requires a separate set of pliers). If you only need them one time, you can return them to the AFA and receive a $10.00 refund and a tax donation letter valued at $30.00. This helps other members as the pliers are difficult to make.

All AFA Legbands are traceable back to the purchaser. We recommend you be a member to assist customers in finding information about their birds.

The American Federation of Aviculture offers open leg bands made from 300 series stainless steel - the same as what is currently being used by USDA quarantine stations.

Please note: Individual states may have their own banding requirements for exotic birds. AFA cannot guarantee that these bands comply with those requirements. Each aviculturist should independently verify these requirements.

Largest Macaws (Hyacinth) 9/16"
Macaws (B&G, Green-winged, Military, Scarlet)
Cockatoos (Greater Sulphur-crested, Moluccan)
Amazons (Lilac-crowned, Green-cheeked, Yellow-crowned, Orange-winged)
Parrots (African Grey, Eclectus)
Cockatoos (Bare-eyed, Citron-crested, Red-vented, Umbrella)
Macaws (Severe, Yellow-collared)
Cockatoos (Galah, Goffin's, Lesser Sulphur-crested)
Parrots (Timneh Grey, Tucuman)
Conures (Mitred, White-eyed)
Lories (Black-capped, Black Stella, Chattering, Red, Rainbow)
Parakeets (Alexandrine, Derbyan, Mustached, Ring-necked)
Parrots (Bronze-winged, Pionus, Hawk-headed, White-fronted Amazon)
Bee-bees (Canary-winged, Cobalt-winged)
Conures (Brown-throated, Blue-crowned, Nanday, Gold-capped, Green-cheeked, Jenday, Maroon-bellied, Sun)
Parakeets (Grey-cheeked, Plum-headed, Quaker)
Parrots (King, Meyer's, Senegal)
Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and some Rosellas 3/16"
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