The American Federation of Aviculture, a 501(c)(3) educational organization, is supported through donations and memberships. For 32 years, the AFA has been dedicated to the promotion of aviculture and the conservation of avian wildlife through the encouragement of captive breeding programs, scientific research and the education of the general public.

The mission and purpose of AFA is promote the advancement of aviculture through educational programs that enable better husbandry, management, and living conditions for exotic birds; promote avian research and conservation of exotic birds; keep our members aware of legislative issues that affect aviculture and aviculturists and keep legislators aware of the need for fair and equitable regulations.

It is mainly through donations that we are able to do the following:

  • AFA helps educate legislators and AFA members on proposed regulations and legislation that affects aviculture.
  • AFA has created the AFA Youth Program to help educate young people about birds and aviculture, with free badges for children who complete the program.
  • AFA supports the showing of birds through the AFA Show Award.
  • AFA supports aviculturists during emergencies through the Disaster Relief Program.
  • AFA supports conservation through the AFA grant program.
  • AFA conducts an annual conference with world renowned authorities and experts in husbandry, conservation and numerous other avian topics of interest.
  • AFA publishes the premier journal of its type – the Watchbird.
  • AFA is a formally recognized Non-Government Organization (NGO) allowed to participate in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

In addition, the revised Fundamentals of Aviculture course Levels I and II have recently been completed and are available. We have people re-launching the Exotic Bird Registry program. The AFA legislative guide is being drafted as we speak. There is a “Know Your Exotic Birds” Volume 1 CD available for affiliated clubs to use at their meetings. All of these projects and offerings are possible through the hard work of our volunteers and also through the generous donations of people like you.

Please take a moment and donate to help these programs continue. Every dollar makes a difference. Once you choose your donation amount, look for the shopping bag at the bottom right of the screen to check out!

Thank you!