Why Register Your Bird?

Every year hundreds of pet birds are accidentally lost. Some are never recovered simply because the finder cannot identify who owns the bird. Birds registered in the AFA Exotic Bird Registry will be easily identified making contact and recovery easier.

Birds that are stolen can be identified and proof of prior registration can be obtained from the AFA Business Office. The local Humane Societies or SPCA can contact the AFA and get your phone number or email address. You control the information you want released in an emergency bird recovery. When a pet bird is lost for any reason, the most important piece of information you can provide to assist in its recovery is the leg band number or microchip ID number. Birds registered under the AFA Exotic Bird Registry are recorded in a database by leg band or microchip ID.

The AFA Business Office maintains a database of contact information for all owners of AFA Registered birds. The office can be contacted by phone or email virtually seven days a week.

Benefits of Registration with the Exotic Bird Registry

  • Full-time, bird-knowledgeable staff to assist in identifying your lost bird and its ID number
  • Proof that you registered your bird on a certain date in the past
  • Stolen bird can be identified by its previous registration in the database

How Do I Register My Bird?

Use our easy online registration below or complete an AFA Registry Application 2 Pages or contact the AFA Business Office at afaoffice@afabirds.org and request an AFA Exotic Bird Registry Application. Submit a separate application for each bird you want to register.




Registration costs $1.00 per year, per bird. The initial application submission costs $5.00 and will need to be renewed in five years. The office will send out a renewal notice at that time.

Avian Pedigrees

The AFA Registry is NOT a pedigree program. It is not meant to prove purity of species or bloodlines. It is simply an ownership and tracking program designed to assist bird owners in the recovery of lost or stolen birds.

Which Birds Can Be Registered?

Any pet birds that have either a leg band or an electronic microchip can be registered.  Remember, you are registering the ownership and contact information of the bird, not its pedigree or species, although this information is part of the record.

Privacy and Release of Information

No personal or address information will be released to anyone without prior permission from the registered owner. In most cases, the owner will be notified by the AFA Office staff and given contact information of the inquiring party. If a bird is lost, the owner should contact the AFA Office so they will be aware to watch for any inquiries about the lost bird’s band number or microchip.