The 2020 Virtual conference was a big success!

The October 17-18 conference was a huge success. Thank you to everyone that participated in the first virtual conference of the American Federation of Aviculture. Thank you to our sponsors! Their support allowed us to keep the cost at a minimum. These businesses are committed to helping us fulfill our mission of education. Thank you to the speakers for sharing their information and for everything they do for birds and for aviculture. Their support of AFA is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to the attendees for registering, for being engaged and asking great questions and for wanting to learn more about the birds in your care. Your birds appreciate all that you do! Thank you to the conference committee. Without the hard work and dedication of these people there would not have been a virtual conference. Thank you to Georgia Hayes who made sure we had a variety of really great speakers; Connie Woodman who kept it all organized and figured out how zoom would work for us; Samantha O’neal who spent most of the weekend in front of a computer screen making sure it all ran smoothly; Adrianne Mock who did the initial research on zoom and who is handling the Continuing Education Credits offered through IAABC and Rick Jordan who managed to keep it all together in the office and get links out to people that registered as late as Sunday afternoon. The AFA is fortunate to have such hard working volunteers.

Want to plan ahead? Next year’s 2021 conference details


Look for the 2021 Speaker List Lineup…Coming in January, 2021
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