What is the Nature of AFA’s Legislative Awareness Program?

  • AFA’s legislative program addresses National, State, Local, and International levels of legislative issues through a Board-appointed Legislative Vice-President. AFA has not initiated legislation, nor do we function as a lobby organization.
  • At the National level, AFA: Monitors proposed laws originating from Congress and proposed regulations originating from federal agencies which may affect aviculture;
  • AFA then informs bird owners and breeders about impending laws or regulations; presents appropriate educational materials to government officials regarding the effects of the proposed laws and regulations on aviculture; and maintains contact with other animal organization watchdogs like the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC).
  • At the State level, AFA provides guidance and information to bird owners, bird breeders, and bird organizations when they are faced with proposed state laws and regulations.
  • At the Local level, the AFA has produced “The Bird Keepers Legislative Handbook” to assist bird owners with local, county, or state regulatory matters.
  • At the International level, AFA maintains an NGO presence on the CITES Animals Committee which includes monitoring CITES proposals for their eventual effect on private aviculture in the U.S.