Sponsorships for our annual conference are very important to us and we value each and every one of them. As members we should always look to our sponsors and vendor hall participants first when shopping for bird related items. Take a look at our sponsors for 2023.


Our 2023 Commercial Conference Sponsors Include:

Centurion Cages & Birdie Britches (https://Ourbirdeeion.com)
HARI (https://hari.ca/)
Dallas Parrots (https://dallasparrots.com/)
IQ Genetics USA (https://www.iqgenetics.us/)
PsittacusUSA (https://usa.psittacus.store/)
Vitakraft Sun Seed Company (https://vitakraftsunseed.com/)
Higgins Premium Pet Foods (http://www.higginspremium.com/)
American Bird Bands (https://americanbirdbands.com/)


Our 2023 Non-Profit Conference Sponsors Include:

Bird Endowment’s Blue -throated Macaw Conservation (https://birdendowment.org)
The Quaker Parakeet Society QPS (https://www.qpsociety.com/)
National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation (NPRPF) (https://nprpf.wildapricot.org/)
Team Bart