AFA Conservation Committee/Conservation News/Second Edition July 2020


Please enjoy the second edition of our Conservation News. The AFA Conservation and Research committee will continue to publish this important newsletter as long as funding is available through donations to the AFA Conservation Fund. The purpose of the publication is to focus on in situ conservation projects working with wild birds in their native habitats. The AFA chooses one or two projects each year from those applying for assistance. Funds raised through this publication will be used to publish additional newsletters and to fund equipment or supplies requested through our “small grants program applicants”. The 2020 projects include the Tejano Parrot Project, the Blue-throated macaw in Bolivia, and Scarlet macaws in Peru. Please help us to help wild birds. Donate today so that we can assist in situ conservation programs, and publish additional newsletters announcing other projects from around the world.

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To order a full-color printed copy of this newsletter (on newsprint), send $10 to: AFA, P.O. Box 91717, Austin, Texas 78709 or send a note along with your donation above requesting a printed copy.