How Can You Help AFA


The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) is a 501c3 corporation focused on educating, protecting and improving the avian community.  Your donation will help us to continue supporting  our mission.

 Ways you can help:

 Monetary donations:  We support many conservation, research and captive breeding projects.

 We are not immune to the pressure of Animal Rights activists groups on our lawmakers.  Your donations help us fight anti aviculture legislation.

 Our Disaster Relief program has helped many members and non-members after a variety devastating disasters all over the country.

  Or You can mail your donation to:

P.O. Box 91717, Austin, TX 78709-1717

 Other ways to help:  

Attend the convention and stay at the hotel.  We receive credit for rooms booked that helps cut the cost of our meeting rooms.

Buy Super 8 tickets, raffle tickets, and make Silent Auction bids and Live Auction bids.
Sponsor a coffee/tea break, a continental breakfast or afternoon cookie tray.

Sponsor a speaker.  This helps us bring you the best and brightest speakers in aviculture.

 Sponsor one of the conference activities.  i.e.; transportation for the off- site tour, refreshments for the Junior Avian Workshop.


Donate Items for the raffle, silent auction and live auction.