Bird Show at the AFA/ASA Combine Conference, Richardson, Texas
Hosted by: CenTex Exhibitors
Date: September 30, 2023


Photo above property of NCS National Cockatiel Society


The Bird Show will be a multiple bird Society show series in Richardson, Texas. This is a 1 day event put on by CenTex Bird Exhibitors in conjunction with AFA’s 49th Educational Convention “Aviculture United”.

We will have 6 different bird societies represented at the event:

NCS – cockatiels Judge: Jeff Robinson

ACS – cockatiels Judge : Lisa Helderman

NAPS – parrots Judge: Jeff Robinson

SPBE – parrots  Judge: Lisa Helderman

BAA – budgies Judge: TBA

NFSS – finches Judge: Clarence Culwell

Canaries (Colorbred Type) Judge: Henry Vela


In addition to the highest class of awards offered by each society, CenTex will offer a SPECIAL award to the highest placing AFA member in each society of a bird bred, exhibited, and banded (if banding is required by your society) by them at the show. A special award will also be awarded under the same specifications for novice as well. All special award winners will be announced at the banquet. While being an AFA member is not required to participate in the shows it is very strongly encouraged. There is a Saturday night banquet at $75 payable to AFA. If anyone wants to go on the offsite tours the Fort Worth Zoo on Friday is $35  includes meal, tour, admission. Dallas world aquarium is $25 Admission only (regular price 29.95).

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