Christmas Bird Owner Gift Pack, membership and gifts

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This pack offers your bird-crazy friend or loved one a new community to join. The pack includes a one-year membership to the American Federation of Aviculture, which includes the quarterly Watchbird magazine. This membership helps support international work to develop the best bird keeping and conservation practices. Introduce your bird-person to a large community of "aviculturists", who are the bird keepers and conservationists of our world!

The gift pack combines the information the bird nerd in your life craves, including pins, art note cards, and an over-the-top tie! This contains a book on African parrots and how to care for them, two magazines about bird-keeping and conservation, and a conservation newsletter. Then, choose a theme that is the best match to their bird obsession. Themes are (1) Parrots, (2) Cockatoos, (3) Finch and small species, or (4) exotic "softbills".

This gift pack offers a 30% savings on the publications versus regular cover price.

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