Fundamentals of Aviculture
Fundamentals of Aviculture


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Disaster Relief - AFA Cares!

AFA Cares about the birds!  The AFA disaster relief team is ready to help those that are in need from recent natural disasters.  You can donate directly to the disaster relief fund here.  All funds donated are used for disaster relief. 

If you are in need, or know someone in need, please contact us at:


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Military and Great Green Macaws Now Listed Under the ESA as Endangered

A Final Rule from the US Fish and Wildlife Service has been issued. The Military and Great Green Macaws are now listed under the ESA as Endangered. Effective 11/2/15 they cannot be moved across state lines in commerce without a permit. No "special rule" is available for Endangered listed species.

AFA opposed this listing for many reasons, including because it does nothing to help the birds in the wild, and will only serve to decrease genetic diversity of these birds in the US.

This rule will serve to help these birds move toward extinction. This is another sad day for the birds and for those who love them.…/pkg/FR-2015-10-02/pdf/2015-24820.pdf

New Release CITES Pin #33 - Green-winged Macaw

The Green-winged macaw (Ara chloropterus) is featured on the newest CITES collector pin in the series.  Now available in the AFA Store!

Do You Have a Legislative Issue?

Anyone that needs help or input with legislative issues should click here for important information and contact AFA Legislative Vice President Genny Wall at

Legislative Update - SUCCESS IN VIRGINIA!

We can now keep, breed, sell, and transport our federally listed non-native endangered species of wildlife in Virginia.  Click here to read more.

AFA Cares - Your Donation Makes a Difference!


Your donation to AFA helps to support conservation, education, legislative awareness and disaster relief. Please consider donating if you want to be a part of what AFA does.


Now Available: Conference DVDs

Didn't make it to the Educational Conference?  Want to share a particular speaker's presentation with your local bird club?  Looking to add to your private avian library? 

Over 100 titles are now available in our library - order for yourself or your organization.

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AFA's I.D.E.A. Program

Clubs, organizations, schools, animal educators or individuals interested in educating others can help promote aviculture by using our new outreach program, Interactive Display & Exhibit Animals. This program is designed to provide information to anyone who wants to share their love and knowledge of aviculture with others.