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The American Federation of Aviculture offers three different types of closed leg bands: AFA stock closed aluminum bands, AFA custom closed aluminum bands, and AFA custom closed stainless steel bands.

Please note: Size requirements for individual birds may vary. The band sizes are suggested by the manufacturer. The AFA does not take responsibility for the suggested sizes. Individual states may have their own banding requirements for exotic birds. AFA cannot guarantee that these bands comply with those requirements. Each aviculturist should independently verify these requirements. All Custom band orders are non-refundable.

Not sure which size to order? Consult our size guide.'

Note: On very small bands, ie: canary, parakeet, eng. keet, lovebird, and cockatiel, breeder codes and band numbers should be limited to 7 spaces. That is if your code is 3 digits, your numbers can only be 3 digits due to the space between nums and code.

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AFA Custom Closed Aluminum Bands

These bands require a minimum order of 15 per size and setup. All bands have the AFA letters imprinted. A customized code consisting of two to four letters and up to four sequenced numbers can be specified. These bands can also be printed with the year and your state if desired. The letter code will be recorded to prevent issuing duplicate coding to anyone else. These bands are traceable back to you, the breeder, through the AFA. Any inquiries regarding the origin of a band will be forwarded to the registered code owner. It will then be the responsibility of the breeder to contact the inquirer. Bands ordered for a succeeding year will be shipped after December 26th. These bands are available in blue, red, purple, green, black, or gold.

These bands are not recommended for Hyacinth Macaws, Great Green macaws or Palm Cockatoos. Instead, we recommend using Stainless Steel Bands

L&M Legband company has gone out of business. In the mean time, we are using a "metric" band manufacturer for custom bands. Please refer to the size chart for conversion of sizes from the old standard LM sizes to the new metric sizes.

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