Leg Bands

Leg Band Size Guide

Provided courtesy of L&M Bird Leg Bands, Inc.

Here are some suggestions as to which bands will fit each bird given below. If the type of bird you need to band isn't on this list, try to find one on the list with a comparable sized leg. Please, keep in mind, these are only suggestions. This information has been accumulated by asking various individuals what they have used on their birds. Each breeder has their own preference as to how they like the bands to fit. Some like them to fit loosely, others prefer a close fit. Birds of the same kind can vary and some breeders band a little later with a larger size than one that would fit at an earlier age. All this should be taken into consideration when choosing a size and this is also the reason why an exact size cannot be specified for each bird. Use your best judgment and decide what is best for your birds. THIS IS ONLY TO BE USED AS A GUIDELINE TO HELP YOU DECIDE.

The roller size (also known as "exotic") band measures the same as the #9 size, but with a thinner wall. When imprinted, it stretches to approximately #9 1/2 size. Roller size not recommended on hookbills.

African Grey Parrot14 or 1614
Alexandrine Parakeet10 or 11 or 12 or 1412
Bare-Eyed Cockatoo12 or 1414
Blue & Gold Macaw16 or 18 or 2018
Blue Crown Conure10 or 11 or 1210
Blue Front Amazon14 or 1614
Bourke's Parakeet9/64 or 5/329/64
Brown Throat Conure9 or 9-1/29
Caiques10 or 11 or 1210
Chattering Lory10 or 11 or 12Equal
Cherry Head Conure10 or 11 or 1210
Citron Cockatoo12 or 1414
Double Yellow Head Amazon14 or 16Equal
Derbyan Parakeet10 or 11 or 12Equal
Diamond Doves10 or 11 or 12Equal
Eclectus14 or 1614
Fig Parrot7/327/32
Goffins Cockatoo12 or 14Equal
Gold Capped Conure99
Goldies (small lory)3/163/16
Great Billed Parrot12 or 14 or 16Unknown
Golden Conure12 or 1412
Greater Sulfur Cockatoo16 or 18Equal
Green Cheek Conure8 or 7/32Equal
Green Cheeked Amazon14 or 1614
Green Naped Lory99
Greenwing Macaw18 or 20 or 2220
Grey Cheek Parakeet3/16 or 7/327/32
Hahns Macaw10 or 11 or 1210
Halfmoon Conure9 or 7/32Equal
Hawk Headed Parrot12 or 1412
Hyacinth Macaw20 or 22 or 2420 or 22
Indian Ringneck Parakeet9 or 9-1/2 or 1010
Jardine10 or 11 or 1212
Jenday Conure9 or 9-1/2 or 109-1/2
Kakarikis3/16 or 7/323/16
Lesser Sulfur Cockatoo12 or 14Equal
Lilac Crown Amazon14 or 1614
Maroon Belly Conure9 or 7/327/32
Mealy Amazon14 or 1614
Med. Sulfur Cockatoo14 or 1614
Mexican Redhead14 or 1614
Meyers9 or 9-1/2 or 1010
Military Macaw16 or 18 or 2018
Mitred Conure10 or 11 or 1212
Moluccan Cockatoo16 or 18 or 2018
Moustache Parakeet9 or 9-1/2 or 109
Nanday Conure9 or 9-1/2 or 1010
Noble Macaw10 or 11 or 1210
Orange Wing Amazon14 or 1614
Panama Amazon16 or 18Equal
Parrotlet9/64 or 5/32 or 3/165/32
Patagonian Conure10 or 11 or 1212
Peach Front Conure99
Pionus10 or 11 or 1211
Plum Head Parakeet9 or 7/327/32
Princess of Wales Parakeet9 or 9-1/2 or 109 or 9-1/2
Quaker (Monk) Parakeet9 or 9-1/2 or 109-1/2
Rainbow Lory9 or 9-1/2 or 109-1/2
Red Belly Parrot9 or 9-1/2 or 1010
Red Fronted Conure1010
Red Fronted Macaw14 or 1616
Red Lored Amazon1414
Red Lory10 or 11 or 1210
Red Rump Parakeet3/16 or 7/32Equal
Ringneck Dove17/6417/64
Rock Pebbler9 or 9-1/2 or 10Equal
Rose Breasted Cockatoo12 or 1412
Roller Pigeon17/6417/64
Rosella9 or 9-1/2Equal
Scarlet Macaw18 or 2018
Senegal9 or 9-1/2 -or 1010
Severe Macaw12 or 1414
Spectacled Amazon12 or 1412
Sun Conure9 or 9-1/2 or 109-1/2
Timneh Grey Parrot12 or 1414
Triton Cockatoo16 or 18Equal
Turquoisine Parakeet9/649/64
Umbrella Cockatoo14 or 16 or 1816
Violet-Necked Lory99
White Front Amazon12 or1414
White-Eye Conure1010
Yellow Collar Macaw10 or 12 or 1412
Yellow Crowned Amazon1414
Yellow Naped Amazon14 or 16Equal